Inky Dinky – Out and About!

One of our absolute favourite things at Inky Dinky HQ is seeing the wonderful pictures and videos of all of the little ones enjoying their Inky Dinky Saddle, it really does make our day!

The UK has been rather chilly the past few weeks, but this hasn’t stopped lots of you getting out and about with your children and their ponies, having a break from home schooling, and getting that essential fresh air.

The wind, rain, and snow has been in full force in the UK, but the Inky Dinky children’s horse riding saddle is designed to keep your little ones safe, secure, and confident on their ponies no matter what the weather is doing.

Whatever you are up to, wherever in the world you are, be sure to tag us in your pictures @inkydinkysaddles and use the hashtag #inkydinkysaddle to be featured on our social media, and maybe future blog posts.

Inky Dinky Across the Pond

Dinky riders are all around the world!  Here are a few pictures from across the pond.  From little, to large… (to very hairy!) the Inky Dinky saddle fits most horse and pony shapes and sizes.

The adventures our Inky Dinky equestrians, (and their four legged partners) have in their kids saddle is so lovely to see.

From riders who are just beginning their horsey friendship, to those who are learning to canter and jump, the Inky Dinky saddle gives parents peace of mind… no matter the adventure.

Exploring the Outdoors


From all corners of the globe, and all corners of the UK, the Inky Dinky Saddle is looking after mini riders, on their massive adventures.

The kids saddle is designed to keep children super safe, comfortable, and happy.  The increased confidence and comfort has been proven to give them a better, deeper, more secure seat… it also allows them to enjoy and see so much more of the outdoors… on horseback!

Roll on Springtime

Springtime is fast approaching, hopefully it comes with a bit more freedom to get out and about in your Inky Dinky saddle, and perhaps get out to a few shows and competitions, maybe some sponsored rides… it could be one of our Inky Dinky sponsored rides.

Longer days, warmer noses, sunny picnics, and lots more fun.

We can’t wait to see what our Inky Dinky riders get up to,  all around the world.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures @inkydinkysaddles and use the hashtag #inkydinkysaddle so we can see your adventures!

Get in touch

If you want to know more about the Inky Dinky children’s horse riding saddle, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team today.

You can also reach out on Facebook and Instagram.


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