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If you’re thinking of choosing an Inky Dinky Saddle for your little one’s horse riding, you’ll be helping your child gain confidence on horseback, allowing them to ride securely without assistance.

At Inky Dinky, we are dedicated to providing child-friendly saddles to help the younger generations enjoy horse riding, having fun and staying safe, whether it’s a brand-new activity or something they have shown interest in for a while.

Should you have any questions about any of our children’s horse riding saddles, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today, or check out our frequently asked questions below.


  1. What ages are you children’s saddles suitable for?

Our Inky Dinky Saddles are designed for children aged between less than a year to 9 years old. Our children’s saddles can be adjusted as your child grows, meaning they will last until they are ready and big enough to move on to standard saddles.


  1. Do they fit on all horses and ponies?

Our treeless kids’ horse riding saddles can fit most shapes and sizes from mini Shetland ponies through to large draught horses.

As they learn to horse ride, they may practice on different sized horses and ponies as they grow up – their Inky Dinky Saddle will be able to support them no matter the size of their horse.


  1. How much are your children’s saddles?

The price of our kids’ horse riding saddles varies depending on which material you choose.

We also provide a variety of children’s horse riding accessories, starting at £22.


  1. Do you make kids saddles for disabled children?

Our children’s saddles is also great for kids with disabilities, allowing them to ride independently, fully supported without the need for caregivers to keep them upright.

There are so many benefits of learning to ride a horse for riders with disabilities – read more here


  1. Do you ship worldwide

We ship our kids’ saddles worldwide every week from the UK.

Some countries delivery is free of charge, for those that are not, Please check out our latest despatch delivery charges here.


  1. How long does shipping take?

All of our children’s saddles are usually despatched the next business day, from date of order.

UK deliveries are next working day. The USA is two business days. Most European countries are 3 working days. Other countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand can take up to a week.


  1. What colours are available of the Inky Dinky child’s Saddle?

Our children’s saddle is available in Black or Brown, in synthetic and Leather.

To discuss your children’s horse riding saddle requirements regarding colour, size and fit, please get in touch with our team.


  1. Are there different size kids’ saddles?

No, all our children’s saddles are the same size, but they are fully adjustable so will last your child throughout their childhood horse riding.


  1. Will my child be strapped in?

No – the pommel and cantle are adjustable and can be bent around your child’s knee and moved in to provide a snug fit.

This supports your child, but they can still move without falling off and you can still take them quickly off the pony should the need arise.


  1. Can my child do rising trot, canter and jump in an Inky Dinky Saddle?

Yes – your child can learn and practice all the regular horse riding movements.

Check out our YouTube videos here link to Inky Dinky videos.


  1. Can my child show in their Inky Dinky Saddle?

Yes, The Inky Dinky kids are regularly showing, including major shows such as Hickstead.


  1. Will my child still learn balance?

Yes – because the young riders are relaxed as they do not need to try to grip to stay on, they actually learn to move with the movement of the pony. We have found that young riders who started in their Inky Dinky children’s saddle over 13 years ago have great posture and seat because of this.

Our daughter who we invented the saddle for has been jumping in excess of four feet bareback, gallops across the fields bare back, does trick riding, but also dressage (training with members of the British dressage team). Mags is not unusual amongst our many young riders.


Can’t see your question? Get in touch

If you have any other questions about our children’s horse riding saddles, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

To help kickstart your child’s road to confident horse riding, order one of our Inky Dinky Saddles online today, or give us a call to discuss your unique requirements.