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Saddles for Children

Saddles for Children

Inky Dinky Saddles are the nationwide provider of horse riding saddles for children that need no extra support or holding for your young rider. Our children’s horse riding saddles are adjustable and can therefore grow as your little ones do, assisting their journey into horse riding until they’re ready for their first unassisted saddle. All of our saddles are made the same way, with a choice of Synthetic or Leather and they are all the same size, but are fully adjustable.


For more than 14 years, Inky Dinky Saddles has helped children of all ages take up the reins. To do this, we’ve created a range of tailored children’s horse-riding saddles which support and encourage children to fall in love with horses and horse riding just like we did. There are so many benefits to introducing young children to riding at a young age. You could provide them with the confidence, core strength, balance and the importance exercise, whilst fostering a lifelong passion.


Features of our Saddles for Children

Our synthetic and leather saddles are lightweight, treeless and able to hold children without the need for additional support from adults. Being adjustable, our children’s horse-riding saddles aren’t just for the littlest children – they can support children as they grow making them a sound investment for may happy years until they’re ready for their first adult saddle.


There are two distinct saddles to choose from: synthetic and leather. Both of our saddles are lightweight, treeless, available in black or brown, and comfortable for your child. Their added back and abdomen support helps your child stay upright, and the handy strap allows them to grip for added support and independence. Our saddles are all handmade, and we are proud to ship worldwide.


Introduce your child to your horse riding today with Inky Dinky’s saddles for children. If you’d like to learn more about our children’s horse-riding saddles and how they can improve your child’s confidence, core strength, and independence, contact us today by filling out our online form here.