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Saddles for Children with Disabilities

Saddles for Children with Disabilities

The emotional and physical benefits of sitting in the saddle of learning to ride a horse cannot be overstated. It’s something that everyone should be able to enjoy – and Inky Dinky Saddles has set our heart on fulfilling this for everyone – which is why our children’s horse riding saddles are perfect for young riders with disabilities.


Our tailored, handmade and lightweight children’s horse riding saddles will confidently support anyone who wants to take the reins and reap wonderful rewards of riding. With more than 14 years’ experience designing tailored saddles for children with disabilities, we understand that comfort and security is paramount. These qualities are at the very core of our specially developed children’s saddles for riders with disabilities.


Enjoy Horse Riding with No Need for Added Support

Our saddles for children with disabilities are designed to support the back and abdomen of your child, so there is no need for parents or caregivers to hold their young riders upright. As long as your child can support their own weight and hold themselves upright, they can ride unsupported using the Inky Dinky saddle.


There are so many benefits in learning to ride a horse or pony for riders with disabilities. From improving core strength and posture to developing better balance and coordination, not too mention being great for emotional well-being and inner confidence, even the shortest jaunt can make your child fall in love with horses. Our children’s saddles can help young riders get the vital leg-up that the need to turn the thought of riding into a reality.


Interested in learning more about why riders with disabilities are growing in number all the time? Would you like to learn why our children’s horse riding saddles have proven to be immeasurably popular over the last 13 years? Want to learn of the unique specifications of our adjustable children’s saddles? Contact us today by filling out our online form here.