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Star Rider - Rachel

This month we are meeting Rachel from Canada!  She is an Inky Dinky Little Equestrian, and would like to tell you a little more about herself, her ponies, and her Inky Dinky experiences! 

Name of rider:  Rachel Rice 

Name of pony/ponies: Sir Prance A lot (pony), Princess (Horse) 

I am 18 months old and I love to ride my pony and my horsey. My Oma has a boarding horse farm in Ontario with approximately 25 horses on 100 acres. Oma is a cowgirl and wins buckles doing Rodeo Sports.  I been riding since I was in the womb and as early as 2 months old. I know the way to the barn and I ride every week, sometimes twice a week. I love the “neighs” and I sometimes cry when it is time to leave the horse farm because I want to stay all day and night with the horses. I like other animals too like cats, dogs, birds and cows.

Princess was my moms show horse but is now coming out of retirement for me to ride. Princess won many ribbons at local fairs and competed in the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Competition.  She is a very good mares and let’s me lead her around. Sir Prance A Lot is the pony I share with my cousins. He is harder to ride because he is so bouncy but I like to trot on him. He can be a mischievous pony sometimes.  His main job is to babysit the colts on the farm. 

Riding is easy but so far the hardest part of riding is mom won’t let me go faster every time I click to go faster.   Also my boots fall off sometimes while riding.  My favourite part of riding is being outside and trail riding to see things and making friends with the horses. Someday I want to ride in horse shows and do rodeo sports. My mom is already scouting for a good horse for me when I am older since Princess is very old. I take my friends riding but they always cry the whole time. They are scared but I am not.  

I like my Inky Dinky Saddle because it fits both my pony and my horse and it fits in my moms truck so I can ride at my Omas and also at my Grandpas. I like that it has reins for me to hold on too and that the stirrups adjust so my older cousins can use my saddle too. It also holds me in when I am trotting on my bouncy pony. I like my Inky Dinky Saddle because I like to ride on my own.