Fitting Your Child's Saddle

Our saddle is fully adjustable for the young rider and the pony.  The panels, pommel, and cantle have earthquake Velcro, so you just pull them off and place them where you want them!

The treeless design of the Inky Dinky means that it will comfortably fit most horses and ponies of most sizes!  We have seen our saddles on huge heavy horses, and tiny minis! 
The panels underneath are adjustable, so they can be moved to the correct size gullet for your pony for ultimate comfort. These panels can also be removed completely if a closer fit is what you would prefer (sometimes better for the smaller ponies!)
The pommel and cantle come off and can be placed in the best position for your child. You can move them in so your child is snug in the seat, and they are designed to curve, to sit comfortably in the shape of the child's leg.
As kids strength and balance improves and as they grow older, the pommel and cantle can be moved further apart, and eventually removed if you wish.



How to Fit Your Saddle to Small Ponies

TOP TIP: Make sure saddle is warm as it is difficult to adjust when cold.

  1. Take the pommel and cantle off the saddle (by holding the roll, not pulling on the straps)
  2. Fit the base with the panels (or you can remove them) and seat still on.
  3. Girth up to the correct tension and so the base doesn’t slip.
  4. Once base is on, then fit the pommel and cantle onto the base. You can bend both, so they are shaped around your child’s knee.
  5. Then fit the straps into the D rings.

 Once this has been done, you should be able to ungirth the saddle, leave the saddle made up and it should girth up snugly from then on.

Assembling your Inky Dinky 

If you are overseas we may send your saddle flat packed in order to keep the cost of shipping down for the customer.

You can follow the instructions above, or you can CLICK HERE to watch the video.