About Us

The Creators of Inky Dinky Saddles

Our story began with Jill Hick, one of the creators of Inky Dinky Saddles, who has always loved horses. Her admiration of them began at a young age and she has worked with them for over 30 years, and on saddles for the last 17 of them. It was always a dream of hers to introduce her daughter to horses once she could understand the rules and respect of riding, and that dream came true with her daughter Maggie. When Maggie was just two years old, her godmother gave her a present in the form of a lovely little pony called Dinky, and Maggie was instantly besotted. The introduction of Dinky fostered Maggie’s fascination with horse riding, and it paved the way for Inky Dinky Saddles...


The Search For Children’s Horse Riding Saddles

Maggie was extremely eager to begin horse riding, but first came the matter of finding a saddle that would keep her safe and supported. When searching for safe and secure children’s horse riding saddles, Jill realised that there were no saddles on the market that ticked all of the boxes of correct riding posture, adjustability, and security. This was the first beginnings of Inky Dinky Saddles, the first inkling of an idea. We decided to design our own children’s saddles specifically to keep even very young children safe, secure, and in good riding posture that could be adapted and adjusted as the child grew.


Where the Inky Dinky Saddle is Now

Over the years, Inky Dinky Saddles have helped thousands of children gain confidence on horses and ponies with our child-friendly saddles. The treeless design of the children’s Inky Dinky Saddle means it fits ponies of all shapes and sizes, is easily adjustable, lightweight, and supports children securely in a relaxed and upright position. This also means your child can ride without assistance and can sit up themselves, building their confidence on the pony.


Sharing Our Love of Horse Riding

From our Inky Dinky family business to your family, we want to share the joy of horse riding for children across the country. We’ve worked hard on perfecting our children’s saddles so more children like Maggie, now 19 who began riding at 2, can build their confidence, stay active, and experience a fun new activity. If you’re interested in our supportive and secure children’s horse riding saddles, contact us today on 077899 63891 to discuss ordering with us.