Vendor: Inky Dinky Saddles

NEW - Rope Halter combi Liberty

Colour Flamingo pink
Size shetland
Regular price £25.50 GBP Sale price £25.50 GBP
  • Material halter: polypropylene
  • Material hardware: zinc
  • Set of rope halter, reins and neck rope
  • Rope head collar made of 10mm rope, with decorated nose band an crown piece
  • Thick rope rein with two snap hooks
  • The head collar features two rings to attach the rein
  • The charms on the head collar and the bottom of the neck rope are detachable
  • Well suited for natural horsemanship or riding bit less
  • Because a rope halter does not break, it is not suitable for tying up a horse unattended, to transport the horse or put it out to pasture
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees. Wash the head collar in a laundry bag. Preferably do not use a fabric softener and do not tumble dry.