Star Rider - Charlotte!

in Dec 3, 2021

Charlotte Olwen Lashley- Riding, Woody and Brandy!!

My name is Charlotte, I am 19 months old. I am always smiling and happy and had my very first sit on a pony at only 10 weeks old. My Mammy discovered Inky Dinky saddles, so I was able to start riding at 9 months old as I feel so supported and comfortable in my saddle!
The pony I ride the most is Woody, he is a 14.1hh New Forest so he is quite big for my little legs! He is 15 years old and we originally got him from a local riding school through lockdown to help them with their costs. He was described as “Grumpy” so Mammy was very careful to make sure I was safe. He has settled so well with us, the riding school decided it wasn’t the life for him so we made him a permanent member of our family. He is no longer a grumpy pony – I think me and Mammy have made him soft with all the cuddles he gets! He is quite lazy sometimes but he likes to go on hacks, in the arena  and some jumping! I did my first jump and I giggled so much! He is happiest when eating food, a bit like me, I always try and share my snacks with him! His best friend is our other pony, Brandy, who is a Welsh Section B – he is more my size but Mammy got him from a home where they weren’t very nice to him so we have had to work hard to get his trust. I have just started to ride him and love it, he is a lot faster than Woody!

What has been hard for you to learn so far with riding?

Sitting still, I quite like to try and reach my toes – Mammy is always telling me to hold on tight, but I know my Inky Dinky keeps me safe so I like to scare her, haha!

What is your favourite thing about riding?

I always have a smile on my face, and I love to go really fast!

What do you want to achieve with your riding?

I have been able to do my first show at 18 months old, and even got some lovely ribbons! But most of all I want to have fun – at shows I love to clap for all of the other riders for doing a good job!

What do you want to do what you grow up?

I love all animals, especially horses and dogs, so maybe something to do with them.

What is your favourite thing about your pony or the pony you ride?

I love giving them cuddles and kisses- Woody runs across the field to see me and get kisses and I love it! I try to lead him too but Mammy says he’s too tall!

"I love riding so much, if I didn't do it I would be so bored!"


Why do you like your Inky Dinky Saddle?

I know I’m always safe, even when I’m being a daredevil – I like to stretch my arms out and sing when I trot like I’m flying, and my Inky Dinky keeps me secure! Woody is so bouncy I giggle all the time!

What advice would you give to other Inky Dinky riders?

It is all about having fun, and enjoying every minute!

Anything else you would like to tell us?

"Thank you for creating the perfect saddle to make little girls like me have their dreams come true – I am happiest when riding and having fun!"