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Inky Dinky Saddles Blog

  • Star Rider - Skylar

    My name is Skylar-Mae and I am 2 years old, I was born in March 2019! I live in the South of England with my Mummy and Daddy along with our pony W...
  • Star Rider - Harry

    My name is Harry, I am 19 months old (24/8/19) and have been riding since my mummy popped me on a pony at 4 days old! But of course, properly enjoy...
  • Star Rider - Arthur

    I love my Inky Dinky saddle as it means that mum doesn’t need to hold on to me (which I hate!) and it means I can ride the big ponies too.  I also ate some chocolate on my walk around the village, chocolate is my favourite and my Inky Dinky Saddle makes me safe so I could eat instead of holding on.
  • Inky Dinky – Out and About!

    One of our absolute favourite things at Inky Dinky HQ is seeing the wonderful pictures and videos of all of the little ones enjoying their Inky Dinky Saddle, it really does make our day!
  • Inky Dinky Sponsored Ride

    On the 23rd August, we were proud to hold our first ever Inky Dinky sponsored ride.

    One of our clients came to us wanting to raise money for charity and said that there is a lack of organised events specifically for kids on ponies up to the age of 5. Allowing children to feel confident and enjoy riding horses on our kids’ saddles is one of our passions, so we were keen to help out in any way we could.

  • The Adventures of Inky Dinky Saddles

    Inky Dinky Saddles are very humbled to have touched the lives of so many children both in the UK and overseas, and we’re equally as happy to share ...
  • How To Introduce Your Child to Horses and Horse Riding

    Horses are gentle giants that are majestic, elegant, and horse riding is great exercise and great fun. If you want to introduce your child to horse riding and the world of equine care, then take a look at our latest blog post.
  • The Inky Dinky Saddle; Helping Disabled Children through Horse Riding

    Horse riding is one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities for any child, and crucially, brilliantly, horse riding can offer disabled child...
  • Benefits of Learning to Horse Ride Early

    At Inky Dinky Saddles, designing, manufacturing and delivering safe horse saddles for children is what we do. With that, it should come as no surpr...
  • The History of Inky Dinky Saddles

    Hi there, my name is Jill Hick and I am one of the brains behind Inky Dinky Saddles. For more than 10 years, Inky Dinky Saddles have been designing...
  • Top 6 Benefits of the Inky Dinky Saddle

    Since making our first saddle in 2006, Inky Dinky Saddle has been helping little ones find lots of fun in horse riding with our handcrafted childre...