How To Introduce Your Child to Horses and Horse Riding

in Sep 25, 2019

If you, as a parent or carer, have nurtured a lifelong love of horses like many families, then you naturally want to introduce your children to this world. Horses are gentle giants that are majestic, elegant, and horse riding is great exercise and great fun. If you want to introduce your child to horse riding and the world of equine care, then take a look at our latest blog post.


Slowly Introduce Them

Gauge their interest by taking them with you to see your horse, or a horse that you ride at the local stables, or by taking them to a local farm or field that has them. Acquaint them with the horse slowly, so you don’t overwhelm or scare them, and impress on them that they are gentle and will respect their riders and carers when they too are shown empathy.


Organise Children’s Horse Riding Lessons

If they fall in love with horses, as we’re sure they will, find some local children’s horse riding lessons, either private or group sessions. These lessons will be nice and slow, simply introducing your children to the ponies they’ll be eventually riding and getting them used to being around the animals. Children’s horse riding lessons are a great way of encouraging confidence from an early age, teaching your children empathy for the animal, and also encouraging a healthy lifestyle of fun exercise as they continue to grow.


Make Safety a Priority with Children’s Saddles

Always put safety first. Even though they may only be riding a Shetland pony, which to you may seem small and easy, to them this is still a new and independent animal. Buying a children’s saddle ensures that their back will be properly supported and they will be able to ride their pony without the otherwise necessary support of an adult holding them up. We have children’s saddles for sale that allow for even small children to ride ponies without the need for an adult to be holding them upright, building independence and confidence from an early age.


Teach Them the Importance of Care and Empathy

In order to keep your child invested and respectful of horse riding as an activity and the horse as a partner to this, make sure you teach them the importance of caring for their pony and being kind to it. Empathetic pony care is crucial to ensuring the continued respect and compliance of your pony, and it will also teach your child to think outside of themselves and take responsibility for another living being.


Children’s Saddles For Sale

If your child is interested in horse and pony riding, you need a secure pony saddle for children that will allow your child the independence and safety they need to enjoy the experience. Contact the team at Inky Dinky Saddles today to find out more about our children’s pony saddles, designed for the best support and safety in mind.