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The Adventures of Inky Dinky Saddles

Inky Dinky Saddles are very humbled to have touched the lives of so many children both in the UK and overseas, and we’re equally as happy to share some of the adventures that these young riders have been on using our children’s saddles!

Competition Winners

One of our Inky Dinky riders, Irving aged 7, competed in a local Horse of the Year Show where he qualified champion in the lead rein section! We’re really happy for Irving, because his mum shared with us that he has Spina Bifida which means his balance is impaired and he has no feeling or movement from the knee down. She attributes his horse riding confidence to the Inky Dinky saddle, which is incredibly humbling, and we’re sure Irving’s natural talent contributed immensely to his lead rein win. Our children’s saddles support the back and abdomen of the young rider, so there is no need for the legs to grip the pony or horse, making it easy to ride unsupported. Congratulations Irving, we hope your reign of competition successes continues!

Assisting Less Able-Bodied Children

Another beautiful success story was passed onto us from the happy mum of Delilah in Essex. Her riding school funded an Inky Dinky saddle, which we were more than happy to provide, to this fab young rider with cerebral palsy. Delilah didn’t need to be supported by her parents and she could ride freely whilst being lead on a rein, and her mum told us that the difference in her experience and enjoyment was amazing. We hope to see much more of Delilah enjoying her children’s saddle.


Hunting meets can play a huge activity in many countryside communities, and it’s usually the case that the little ones have to stay at home or watch from the side. Well not anymore!

We’ve been sent a number of stories where Inky Dinky Saddles have enabled children to experience their first ever hunting meets on horseback. Our children’s saddles have allowed littluns in the hunting community feel immersed in the bustle of hunting meets, whilst feeling fully supported, secure and independent on their pony.

Off the Beaten Track

We’re delighted when we see our little customers getting out and about on their new Inky Dinky saddles. We’re thrilled to see some of you trying out different terrains, and the kids looking as comfortable and enthusiastic as ever! The Inky Dinky saddles ensure security on your child’s riding experience even on the most uneven of rural hacks! For any track, be it hilly, rocky or muddy, an Inky Dinky saddle will maintain stability and safety for your child’s ride.

Take a look at little Jessica riding in the snow as part of the Boxing Day New Forest Point to Point race day. The dreary weather conditions didn’t stop her from feeling secure and excited to get dressed up and out riding her pony, and what a natural she looks!


Riders in Scotland

This is little Bella, who went on the Beltane Common Ride in Scotland! Here she is braving a stream with the biggest smile on her face, feet in the stirrups, and hands holding the Inky Dinky saddle strap whilst her pony is lead through the water. Even in water, our children’s saddle helps your little one to keep balance, so they can securely enjoy all of the riding opportunities that their parents and older siblings do too.

It isn’t just the little riders on home soil that we’re helping. We’ve got horse riding youngsters from New Zealand, America and Hong Kong all enjoying getting out and about on their horses, feeling safe and secure during the process with one of our children’s saddles.

Send us your Stories

We love to hear about the adventures and competitions you and your family get up to on our horse riding saddles for children. Thank you for sharing your stories and adventures with us, and as always we’re very grateful to be a part of every child’s horse riding journey. Send us any pictures you may have and you could be featured on our social media! Check out our Facebook for more Inky Dinky videos and pictures, and order your saddle online today.