Star Rider - Harry

in May 3, 2021

My name is Harry, I am 19 months old (24/8/19) and have been riding since my mummy popped me on a pony at 4 days old! But of course, properly enjoying riding since I could sit unaided!

I very much enjoy being outdoors, not just with the ponies and at the yard but also out exploring! I love being creative, my mummy, and playing with my cousins (well, when we can and lock down is eased).

I really love all animals and enjoy taking our dog for a walk with my grandad and dad, and also going fishing with them.
I’m (currently) an only child but my mummy says that the ponies are like her children too!

 I’m very lucky and have two ponies.
Bubbles is and 8 year old piebald show pony standing at 12hh. My mummy has owned Bubbles since he was a yearling and has always had him earmarked for me! Bubbles is a very sweet and loving pony but can be quirky at times! He enjoys doing a bit of everything including showing, dressage and hacking! But he most enjoys jumping!

We were very lucky at the end of last year to be given our beautiful Cruise to have on loan to help teach me the ropes of riding from a friend! Cruise is just 7hh of pure character, and although still young at rising 5 years old, he looks after me so well! He is a gorgeous skewbald, Falabella x Shetland!

We really enjoy going out hacking all through the woods and around the countryside.
We are hoping to take both the ponies out to some shows when restrictions ease, however covid hasn’t stopped up getting all spruced up in our show gear, getting the ponies bathed and plaited for some ‘at home showing’ which we all enjoyed and brought home some superb rosettes!

My mummy also has a lovely traditional cob called Dolly, who she does dressage with. The three of our ponies get on so well! We call them the Three Musketeers, as they are always together (even when they are getting in to mischief).

My favourite thing about riding is that I get to be outdoors and we get to go exploring around the beautiful grounds our yard sits in. I quite often get off half way through a ride, especially when we are I the woods to go for a little explore on foot, and when the weather is nice, mummy and daddy bring a picnic and we all sit and have a bit of lunch before heading off to finish our ride!

We are just starting to learn our ‘ups and downs’ for trotting which is very hard!

Although thankfully the support of my Inky Dinky Saddle means that I can use my arms to support my self when trying to find the rhythm. 
In time we would love to carry on getting out competing in all spheres, including showing, a bit of showjumping and cross country but also to do some pleasure rides with my friends. Although I would just like to improve my riding and carry on learning and know this will be lots of fun.

When I grow up I would love to be an engineer!

I take a keen interest in how things are put together and how they work! Any time my grandad has his tool kit out mending/changing and putting together mechanical things I can’t help but get involved! 

My favourite thing about both my ponies is that they are both very fast!!!!

Trotting is my favourite and I can’t help but giggle!! Luckily for me I have my Inky Dinky Saddle which keeps me super safe and secure whilst I’m trying to learn all the gaits. Without this my mummy would struggle to take me out for rides on our own as she would struggle to hold the ponies and also hold on to me too! Especially with Bubbles and his little quirks, it just means she knows I’ll be stable in the saddle if he does have a ‘moment’ as we call it.

One of the best things about my Inky Dinky saddle is that it fits almost any pony or horse!

This means I get to, on occasion, have a ride on my mummy’s dressage horse and she knows I’ll be safe and secure in the saddle whilst we have fun!
We also love that as I grow and develops my riding skills, my mummy can adjust the blocks on the saddle to accommodate me, not only my size but my ability to ride and eventually it will have no blocks on and I can use it as a riding pad!

We can’t wait for summer to go out and enjoy our ponies with our lovely Inky Dinky saddle!