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Inky Dinky Saddles: Blog Posts

  • Star Rider - Skylar

    My name is Skylar-Mae and I am 2 years old, I was born in March 2019! I live in the South of England with my Mummy and Daddy along with our pony W...
  • Star Rider - Harry

    My name is Harry, I am 19 months old (24/8/19) and have been riding since my mummy popped me on a pony at 4 days old! But of course, properly enjoy...
  • Star Rider - Arthur

    I love my Inky Dinky saddle as it means that mum doesn’t need to hold on to me (which I hate!) and it means I can ride the big ponies too.  I also ate some chocolate on my walk around the village, chocolate is my favourite and my Inky Dinky Saddle makes me safe so I could eat instead of holding on.