Star Rider - Noah!

in Oct 5, 2021

Noah King Tiny the Shetland 

My Name is Noah; I am a big two years old. Santa delivered my Inky Dinky Saddle last Christmas and since then myself and Tiny have been off on our Adventures near and far.

I love playing with my big car, tractor and trailer around the yard. Tiny helps too!!  


Tell me a little about your pony, or the pony you ride?  

Tiny is my Shetland pony and he has a big fan club. Tiny has been a part of many families bringing huge joy to all. He has done therapeutic riding and visits bringing much joy to everybody who meets him. I ride alongside my Daddy who has big Irish Draught Horses. Daddy is on the Garda Mounted Unit so one day maybe myself and Tiny might join him. 

I love visiting my friends on Tiny, going to the beach and throughout the summer have been attending lead rein classes. My Bunny (Comforter) joins me in the ring because I am by far the youngest in the classes. This winter I am looking forward to the kids Hunts and meeting all the hounds. 


What has been hard for you to learn so far with riding? 

I do not like when Mammy or Daddy hold me on the Saddle. I’m a big boy now so my balance is much better and do not need anybody holding me in place!

What is your favorite thing about riding?  

I love trotting Tiny; I keep saying “Again” “Again” to Mammy and Daddy


What do you want to achieve with your riding?  

I am looking forward to learning new things and most importantly to have FUN FUN FUN!!!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I love my building blocks, tractors and most importantly playing in the muck and dirt in the yard. A farmer maybe!!

What is your favourite thing about your pony or the pony you ride?

Both myself and Tiny love chocolate buttons, especially when we're out and about Mammy and Daddy keep a supply in their pockets. 

Everywhere we go people say how cute we are together. Young and old stop and smile!!


"If I didn't ride, I would be caught pulling flowers up that have been planted much to Mammy and daddy's annoyance ha ha ha"


Why do you like your Inky Dinky Saddle?

I feel very safe and secure in my Inky Dinky Saddle. As I am only two years old I require good back support and I get this in the saddle.


What advice would you give to other Inky Dinky riders?

Tiny is a Shetland and has a round belly in the summer months!!  However, once the weight is off him the saddle fits better. We also use a non-slip pad which is great to prevent slipping.