Top 5 Best Locations for Family Horse Riding in the UK

in Oct 4, 2021

Top 5 Best Locations for Family Horse Riding in the UK

Why Family Horse Riding?

Family horse treks are an ideal way to bring the family together, get kids into horse riding early, and increase self-esteem and confidence. Horse riding with the family makes your holiday special, and you can do it pretty much anywhere! (Trails on beaches, hills, countryside trails)

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the best locations across the UK to take your family on a horse riding holiday. You could either introduce children to horse riding with a tour, or experienced trekkers can find great places to stay with their own horses.

Top 5 UK Locations for Family Horse Treks in the UK

Here’s our top 5 locations across the UK for family horse trekking holidays.

1. The Brecon Beacons

As one of the UKs most beloved UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Brecon Beacons make a great holiday destination regardless of horse-riding opportunities.

That being said, the Brecon’s are home to 600 miles of bridle paths.

The Brecon Beacons are home to endless beautiful British landscapes, horse riding schools, and thriving wildlife. As well as B&Bs, you’ll find plenty of self-catering facilities and horse trailer-friendly accommodation.

2. Dartmoor

Dartmoor has a lot to offer when it comes to family horse riding holidays. Dartmoor is already popular among families due to its scenic landscapes, crisp fresh air, and variety of excellent activities and accommodation.

Dartmoor is also home to a number of well-established and experienced riding schools such as Liberty Trails, which give you access to many different trails, designed for a variety different skill level.

As a national park with vast moorland in Devon, the location offers plenty of activities which you can do independently or at places like the River Dart County Park, and Babeny Farm Stables.

3. The Peak District

You and your family will never run out of things to do in the Peak District.

Try guided horse riding at Matlock Farm Park Riding School, or if you’re transporting your own horses, follow the 65 miles of rider-dedicated land the Peaks have to offer.

Peak Districts is also home to a number of picturesque downs and villages (like Buxton and Bakewell) to trek through.

In the National Park itself, Hope Valley remains one of the most-loved locations for family holidays. The fact that The Peak District offers some of the most picturesque British towns and villages makes it a must-see family destination.

 4. Dorset

Dorset is a great location for a family horse riding holiday. Its home to well-known, beautiful trails such as Wessex Ridgeway, Castleman Trailway and the North Dorset Trailway.

Completely take your mind off life’s stresses with open greenery, flourishing wildlife and beautiful beaches.

The great thing about horse riding with your family in Dorset is that you can be anywhere from a total beginner, to an experienced rider, and you’ll find stables, riding schools and guides who will cater to every skill level.

5. Norfolk

Norfolk has a lot to offer. From beautiful skylines, adventure parks and zoos, to traditional English houses and gardens.

Nonetheless, Norfolk is also a great location for a family horse riding holiday for you and your loved ones.

Norfolk offers wonderful scenery and beaches with horse-friendly beaches such as Holkham Bay, which is home to miles of untouched sand and specific parking for horse trailers.

Be aware that Holkham Bay can become waterlogged in winter, and visitors can’t ride on its sand dunes, ridges or within the pines.

Your Horse-Riding UK Holiday

To fully enjoy your riding holiday here in the UK, make sure you prepare well. Especially if you’re transporting your own horses to your holiday destination, make sure you find some trailer-friendly accommodation. Make sure you have all the insurance, transportation and equipment you need in advance.

Choosing a Family Horse Riding trip in the UK will be an experience for the whole family to remember.