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Star Rider - Skyla

My name is Skyla and I have the best pony called CJ and ride another called Leo!

I am 2 years old and have been riding pony’s all my life I got my first pony CJ just after my 1st birthday and we have been on so many adventures together. Mummy says I am a sassy little diva when I want to be and I know how to get everyone around my little finger. I live with my mummy Daddy and our dog Arlo. My daddy works away so that usually means me and mummy have lots of extra time to play ponies.

When I am not getting muddy down at the farm I like to go dancing where I do some tap, ballet and acro. My pony is called CJ and I love him very much. He is a very loving pony and always tries his best to please me and mummy. Sometimes he can be a bit cheeky and not want to go into his stable and it’s very funny watching mummy try to drag him into it, in the end mummy has to make him walk backwards so he doesn’t notice he is in it. He doesn’t do it very often though. Our favourite thing to do together is go on lots of hacks and explore the fields. A few months ago cj got a little scared at something when I was trotting and jumped sideways but my Inky Dinky kept me nice and safe. It did scare me though and it is only very recently that I have done some trotting again and I love it. CJ is 12 years old and a palomino section A. CJ has a best friend called George. I have also recently started riding a pony called Leo and we did our first show together the other week and we came 1st as where me and mummy live I have to be a little older before I can show CJ. I will be doing some winter shows with Leo and I am very excited. 

What has been hard for you to learn so far with riding? The hardest thing for me so far is my trotting. I am very good at my up downs in walk but I haven’t quite mastered them in trot yet but mummy says I will pick it up very soon.

What is your favourite thing about riding?  My favourite thing about riding is being able to go the beach all the time and going blackberry picking on some of our hacks.

What do you want to achieve with your riding?  I would like to be confident enough to do some trotting by myself with Cj on the lunge.

What do you want to do when you grow up? ‘When I grow up I want to be Leo’!

What is your favourite thing about your pony or the pony you ride? My favourite thing about Cj is how gentle he is. Every morning he will come trotting to the gate as soon as he sees me and I love that. My favourite thing about Leo is that he looks like spirit and is also very gentle.

What do you think you would do if you didn’t ride? If I didn’t ride I would go for lots of walks and do lots more dancing

Why do you like your Inky Dinky Saddle? I love my inky dinky saddle because it has a pretty heart on it and a nice strap for me to hold onto. Mummy says she loves the inky dinky saddle because we can now go in hacks by ourselves without having to try and find someone to walk next to me whilst mummy leads CJ. We both love how secure and safe I am in my Inky Dinky.

What advice would you give to other Inky Dinky riders? When we first got our inky dinky my legs weren’t long enough for the stirrups so mummy bought some nylon dog collars with no holes in and they were really good as stirrup leathers as they could be any length.

We love the inky dinky saddle and how versatile it is that it will fit on Cj but it would also fit on big Archie too who is a shire at our stables!