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The History of Inky Dinky Saddles

Hi there, my name is Jill Hick and I am one of the brains behind Inky Dinky Saddles.

For more than 10 years, Inky Dinky Saddles have been designing and producing kids’ saddles. It is something that, as a family, we absolutely love and are really proud of. Here, we want to share how it all began.

In essence, Inky Dinky Saddles was born out of a love for horses. I had been working with horses for over 30 years, being involved in saddles and their design for the last 17. When our daughter Maggie was born, I hoped that she would take to horses as I had, although I had decided she wouldn’t have a pony until she was old enough to understand the ‘rules’ of riding.

A New Addition to the Family – Dinky

Our adventurous and ever-curious daughter Maggie would no longer be the newest member of our little family. Maggie’s godmother Sarah gave us a wonderfully lovable pony called Dinky. From the moment Dinky moved into our paddock, Maggie was in love. Aged just 2 years, she would relentlessly ask to be able to ride Dinky.

I couldn’t help but be thrilled by her instant love of horses, something that we have shared ever since. Very soon after Dinky arrived, I began searching for a child-friendly saddle. I desperately wanted to find a child’s saddle that would keep our little Maggie safe and secure, whilst holding her in a position that would support a good riding posture as she grew.

There were no children’s saddles that ticked all of the boxes – so something had to be done.

The Inky Dinky Saddles Solution

With the help of my husband Doug, we set to work on a children’s saddle that was designed specifically to keep even very young children safe and secure, encourage a great posture, confidence on the horse and could be adapted as the child grows.

Well, we are pleased to report that we managed it and Maggie, along with thousands more children over the years, was able to find joy in horse riding.

A Unique Design for Kids’ Saddles

What exactly does an Inky Dinky Saddle offer? Lots! The treeless design of the Inky Dinky Saddle means it offers a great fit for ponies of every size and shape, the saddle is easily adjustable for your growing child, it holds children securely in the saddle and supports a relaxed position; this also means that your child can ride without assistance which will encourage their confidence.


We had the absolute joy of watching Maggie take to horse riding like a dream with the help of an Inky Dinky Saddle. Now that she’s 13, we take great happiness in hearing how Inky Dinky Saddles have helped our customers all over the UK. We hope that it will help your little ones too! To learn more about our children’s saddles for sale, get in touch with the team!