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Top 6 Benefits of the Inky Dinky Saddle

Since making our first saddle in 2006, Inky Dinky Saddle has been helping little ones find lots of fun in horse riding with our handcrafted children’s pony saddles. As horse riding enthusiasts, we know first-hand the absolute joy that can be found in sitting in the saddle – at any age! We also see the incredible confidence young children gain when using their Inky Dinky Saddle, specially designed to allow children to safely ride in their kid’s saddle, without assistance. From our ever-growing pool of customers, we are often told the Inky Dinky Saddle is the best children’s saddle for sale. In this blog, we want to share why that might be.

The Inky Dinky Saddle is treeless. The treeless feature is perfect for kids’ saddles for a number of reasons. A treeless saddle is lightweight and flexible meaning it can be easily transferred to different horses and ponies. It is also more comfortable for children to ride with a treeless saddle.

The unique design of our pony and horse saddles is guaranteed to keep your child safely and securely in the saddle whilst they are riding. This is particularly beneficial for very young children whose balance isn’t quite controlled!

You can be sure that Inky Dinky Saddles have thought of everything when it comes to our kids’ saddles. For those who ride already, you will know the importance of position and posture. Our horse saddles for children have been designed in such a way that they will not need to grip with their legs. This encourages the rider to relax and naturally gain great posture in the process.

Confidently Independent
Since our kids’ saddles a so secure, even very young children won’t require assistance whilst they are riding. Trusting that your child is safe in their independent riding, they can quickly become comfortable with being alone on the horse and gain confidence along the way.

The Inky Dinky Saddle is designed to continually improve your child’s form, ready for when they move to a non-specialist saddle. The handle on our pony saddle gives extra balance and security and prevents the kids from pulling on the rein to keep upright.

An Inky Dinky Saddle isn’t like a pair of shoes that need replacing each time your child grows. Instead, the memory foam pommel and cantle are adjustable to accommodate your growing child.

There you have it; six reasons why thousands of people have invested in an Inky Dinky Saddle for their children. We are really proud of our children’s saddles and we are sure that you and your little ones will love it just as much as we do. To learn more about our kids’ saddles, get in touch with the team!